How to build a backyard fort

 backyard fort , backyardMany people like building things with their friends and family members during their spare time. You can take your kids along and go build yourself a fort in your backyard. It’s a great way to keep your kids busy during their summer holidays and you too can get some relief from your work. Find a good spot and decide upon the size of the fort 5 by 5 feet is a good enough size for a backyard fort.

Place the base plywood of the right size first. Then take the wooden pillars and screw them in tightly with the base. Attach the walls after that. You can choose simple brown rustic colored wooden walls or even painted wooden walls in bright colors. Choose whichever appeals to your kids the most. Now that you’re done, make the hinges for the fort doors. All this work can be completed in 2 to 3 days. Make sure that there are no rough edges and splinters. Rub the surfaces with sandpaper to be sure.