Can you get a construction superintendent job during recession?

Construction superintendent job, onstruction jobsWhen recession hit, people lost jobs and many became homeless being unable to pay their mortgages. At this time, there was lack of jobs everywhere in the world economy but the construction sector is such that it was somewhat buffered from the recession as demand for houses and buildings hardly went down. Construction supervisors are those who are in charge of laying out a schedule of work for the workers and keep a regular check on the job getting done as it should be. Construction superintendent reports to the manager, and he should have knowledge and experience about the work he is involved in. Just after the recession, the job market received a boon and unconventional jobs are gaining priority. Construction superintendents are required for the growing real estate sector in larger numbers. With knowledge, a degree in construction engineering and good managerial skills, you can now become a part of the building process of skyscrapers.