Asphalt paving, understanding the essentials

Asphalt paving, paving essentials The process to lay a pavement is called paving. Many materials are used for the purpose of paving, but in the recent times, most of the contractors prefer to use asphalt for this purpose. Naturally asphalt posses a black color and is as uniform as cement. This consistent nature of asphalt that resembles that of cement is achieved by adding bitumen, filler and sand to it.

There are various reasons why asphalt is preferred for the purpose of paving. One of the most important reasons why it preferred is that it is very easy to install. This is the major reason that has made it so popular among the contractors. Another reason why asphalt is preferred by the contractors is that it is material which is low in cost and also takes low time in preparing. Asphalt is also preferred because it is a material which is efficiently durable.