Roof Designs

roof designNature or climate is the biggest matter which is considered while constructing the roof design which you wish to be installed in your home. Different designs are build and structured according to the climate of the specified place because each and every place or region have their different climate which can affect the construction of your roof. The roofing contractors help the homeowners to decide and select which is the most sustainable and favorable design for their roofing. Availability of materials, workers, etc is the other important points which affect the roofing design. If we take the example than the in the snowy regions flat roof design will not work, there you need to install sloppy roof designs which can shade off the snow from the roof. There are many different designs which can be installed in the roof, keeping in mind the climate, environment, material availability, etc in mind. The different designs of roofs are as under.

Roof Designs:

  1. Flat Roof

This roofing design is well preferred for those regions which do not have the climate of snow. Because it have flat surface and low-pitched area. This roofing design gives the spacious living on the roof. There are less chances of water drainage and leakages as compared to other roofing designs.


  1. Skillion Roof

Skillion roof have a one side surface which helps the water to drain away fast and less possibilities of water drainage. This roofing design is more favorable for the snowy regions because it helps in evading and shade off the snow from the roof. There are many structures in skillion roofing which can be placed on your roof. This roofing design gives a beautiful look to your home construction.


  1. Clerestory Roof

This roofing design is something different in its construction because it is structured in such a way that I allows the natural sunlight to enter the home and gives the filtered light and is very efficient in energy generation. It gives the option of window in the vertical side of the roof which gives great ventilation area in the attic inside the home.


  1. Domed Roof

This is the most ancient design of roofing which can be proved as people still love this design to be installed in their roof. As it has circular shape this domed roofing can be given any form and constructed. Domed roof are treated as the most strong roofing design which can last for a long period of time. There are less probabilities of drainages and leakages because it does not consists of any edges or joints in the structure of dome shaped roofing.


  1. Curved Roof

Curved roof is one of the roofing designs which is more observed to be installed in the roofing of homes. It gives a stunning look to the home and it is also durable in nature. They are commonly made from steel or metal because it has curved shape so steel can be mold and curved according to the shape required.


  1. Sawtooth Roof

This design of roofing is used in industries in earlier times where large number of workers worked together. This design is very beneficial to the owners of the industries because in this design the structure of it very different, it allows the filtered natural light to enter the industrial area so that more of energy consumption does not takes place.