Home inspection –DIY tips

Home inspection, home care tipsThere are certain signs that should tell you what is wrong with the different areas of your house. If there is an odor of a rotten egg in the water heater, you must know that it has been caused by the reaction of the water and the anode rod. Bacteria may have contaminated the water in the heater. Therefore, you will need to replace the anode rod.

Again, if you see that there is water dripping from the brass valve of the tank you must know that there is something wrong. In such a case, you have to see if the thermostat has been set very high. It has to be set in between a range of 120 to 50 degrees. The water heater should not be rumbling, popping or banging. If there is a build up of sediment in the tanks of the heater there might be such unusual occurrences.