Maintenance tips for stone floors

Floor maintenance, flooringStone flooring is the star appeal of any house given its classy outlook. Floors constructed from natural stones are durable as well which is another reason to invest on them. However, you must be cautious about stone floor maintenance to keep it as good as anew over the years. Here are some top tips on how to maintain the stone floors.

Stone flooring demands a regular cleaning session. You must sweep and mop your stone flooring everyday to keep it free from dirt and sand which can diminish the natural sheen of the natural stones. Then, you can also use vacuum cleaners weekly. Actually the vacuum cleaners come with several attachments that help to get the farthest corners of the floor which is not viable for your broom.

While mopping, you have to use stone friendly cleaning agent. Stay away from the products with high pH content as this would damage the stone floors. Keep the stone floor covered under carpet or area rugs.

Decorate your house with wooden flooring

Wooden Flooring, flooringWooden flooring in your house is always a good choice; they give your house a sophisticated, elegant look. These days you get a lot of options which would give your floor a wooden look but they are not wood in real. You have to make a proper choice in selecting it.

Wooden floors are always in demand because of many reasons. Comfort is one of the major reasons. Secondly, its durability is also a great advantage. Then, the versatility it provides in terms of decorating your house. Solid wooden floors are either pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished floors are better for they prevent fumes and dust that is there after finishing or refinishing a floor.

You should go for hardwoods from North America. Red oak, walnut, maple, etc fall under the category of hardwood. The look that comes with these is very traditional. Along with this, putting up a rug is a great idea.

Green flooring: what are your options?

Green flooring, hardwood flooringYou may have the wish to upgrade your floor and with the world going environment friendly in every department then you too can join the group by choosing the option of green flooring. This does not mean you will have your floor painted green. In fact green flooring means to have your floor made of hardwood. The procedure of installing this kind of floor is quite easy and you will be able to do it yourself but if you are not sure of how it is done then you can always contact a contractor who is a professional in this kind of work.

Another good option for green flooring is by using woolen carpet. They are natural fire retardants and durable too. Since they are made of wool they can release moisture to keep the carpet clean. One of the main reasons why this is used as a green flooring option is because they are recyclable.