Pros And Cons Of Geodesic Dome Houses

benefits and drawbacks of Geodesic dome houses

Pros and cons of Geodesic dome houses

Houses can be built in almost any shape or size as you deem fit and it stops only when your imagination stops. However certain shapes are more conducive to you as compared with that of others. Many houses have original and unique designs. Majority of them will be sharing a particular similar characteristic and their faces will also be plane and rectangular. Planar building designs are used more but geodesic designs have become a major part of the popularity. There are plenty of benefits to the geodesic dome homes. These are nothing but just the houses constructed in the shape of the dome either totally or partially. Geodesic dome houses can stand with better level of high winds, earthquakes and hurricanes. The appearance of geodesic dome houses is unique and their construction methods are also very great. If you are thinking of having a geodesic dome house then you must be aware about its pros and cons for better understanding.


  • Structural integrity

A proper geodesic dome house is very strong. In places like Greenland where there are very high winds, installation of geodesic houses can avail you with significant advantages. These houses are also very much good for air circulation and heat and thus they are also perfect fit for cold weather.

  • Speedy construction

Majority of the geodesic dome houses are prefabricated. This can avail you with relatively low cost for construction that too in those places which re having high labor costing. It is also very beneficial if the local weather is making the construction problematic. Generally the prefab elements are also light weighted and small. This will make the transportation of the materials really easy to the site which is not the case with steel prefab materials and concrete prefab materials.

  • Lesser expensive construction materials

The units of geodesic dome houses are small, very cheaper are used in there which lowers up its total costing. Geodesic dome houses is built from various layers like interior panels, stucco, outer shell, outer skin and such others and hence it is possible to employ cheaper materials which are closely related from those combination from while geodesic dome houses are built.


  • Primary disadvantage

The basic cons of such types of roof are that they need planning permission in most of the cases. Getting this planning permission is very much difficult. Many people have an opinion that geodesic dome houses are very weird and they don’t fit with the vernacular and usually object to their construction.

  • Secondary disadvantage

If such homes are not properly designed or build then chances are there that they leak very badly. In such cases the craftsmen don’t generally have idea as to what they are building because of the prefabricated elements.

3 Inspirational Living Room Ideas for your Home

Inspirational Living Room Ideas for your HomeWant some of inspirational living room ideas for your home? Then let me tell you that you are going to love all the ideas and tricks which you can definitely go for trying up at your home. as we all know that the most comfortable and the most desired room which we want in our home to be perfect is our living room right? And for this you need to go through certain ideas which can help you in getting the inspirational living room ideas for your home which you can go for. Well, there are many inspirational living room ideas for your home which you can go for which can also helps you in making your living room to be more of charming and factors which charms up the people the guests who are vesting your home.

The further detail or the ideas will help you in getting inspired for the inspirational living room ideas for your home which you must go for attempting at your home. Adjusting the space, installing the beauty which you have decided, presenting your art in selecting the inspirational living room ideas for your home, etc. and many more of such things which can help you in making your wish come true by installing the inspirational living room ideas for your home. not only that but the job which you are going to comply with is also considered to be something interesting which the home owners are definitely going to enjoy up.

Inspirational living room ideas for your home

  1. Patterned design

If you want your living room to be decorative and designed in your manner, than patterned design is considered to be your jam which you can go for while deciding inspirational living room ideas for your home. go for patterning with the help of floral, geometrical, strips, etc. prints with the combination of colors which will suitable in your home. Getting and placing the themes with different shades and colors are considered to be something unique which you must go for your living room at your home.

  1. Light colored idea

Well, for those of the home owners who do not like of going for bright colors can now go for getting one of the best inspirational living room ideas for your home is by getting the light and airy design or theme to be installed in your home. Go for such furniture which is not only light in colors but giving more of the space in your living room which can help you in getting the airy look in your living space which you want to go for.

  1. Floral power

Another inspirational living room idea for your home which you can go for trying up at your home is the floral power. Yes, floral theme is considered to be more of prevalent for the home owners. There are different patterns and designs with the blossomy prints which can help your living room to be having the live charm.  It can be also said as the blooming ideas for your living room. So going for such type of inspirational living room ideas for your home will get you connected with the art which you wanted to have it.

Building that outdoor stone fireplace

 outdoor stone fireplace, fireplaceBuilding the outdoor stone fireplace in the backyard, makes your backyard more elegant and classic. You can build the fireplace with marble, granite, natural stone and rock. Using natural stone is an inexpensive and durable option. Using granites or marble is expensive, but it looks elegant. For stone fireplace, you can use wood, gas or electric type fire source. Wood is the cheapest source of fire, but it pollutes the environment. Natural gas or propane can also be used as a source of fire in a stone fireplace.

Some advantages of using stone fireplace…

• First all important advantage is it’s cheap and can be made with any budget.
• The whole setup is lightweight, so it can be dismantled and moved anywhere.
• The stones come with many different textures, so it can be selected according to the colors used in the house.

Natural stone fireplace is an excellent low cost home improvement idea.

Legal requirements for new construction projects

Construction projects, construction tipsWhen it comes to construction projects, it is very important to keep a track of the notifications. With the confirmation of the CDM projects, the registration has to be done with the HSE by the construction coordinator. It is important to notify the HSE if there is use of tower cranes or cranes in the construction.

Northern important legal requirement of construction projects is the examination report. It is important for you to record the scaffolds, excavations and the ladders to the inspectors. The rules and regulations regarding the construction projects are very strict. The safeties of the construction workers are also very important. The work atmosphere has to be safe and secured for the workers. There are a lot of regulations and stipulations regarding the matter. The guidelines of safety of the workers have to be abided by in order to get a no objection certificate by the authority.

Site preparation for your next construction project

Site preparation, construction tipsWhen you are taking up a construction project, the most important thing that you have to consider is the site. The site is the most important aspect of any kind of a construction project e it for commercial purpose or for residential use. Firstly, it has to be made sure that the site you have chosen for your project is located that a place that is easily accessible.

If you chose a remote location, accessibility will be a problem and unless you are making a resort, this can be a big problem in the long run. For commercial buildings it is important that the site is located in close proximity to the immediate industry of the building. A lot of time energy and money can be saved in this way. If the project is of a residential building, the most important thing is the neighborhood of the location. Residential buildings need to be constructed in areas that are safe and secured.

How to keep your home construction costs within your budget

Home construction costs, construction tipsHome construction costs are one of the aspects of concern while building our dream home and so it needs to be handled very efficiently or it can increase indecently high making you pay more uselessly.

If you are planning to build your home then you should keep a few aspects in mind. While allotting the budget for the construction of your home you should at least allow 15% of it as costs related to contingency as this will ensure you have enough money for the building process. It is best to avoid fancy angles or corners as they may look beautiful, but will increase the cost mush more than a normal house of rectangle shape. You should also have a copy of the drawing based defining every nook and corner of your new house. Last but not the least you should sign a contract before the contractor starts building your house and you should also have specific knowledge of all the materials being used in constructing your house.

Have a good and efficient drainage system

Efficient drainage system, drainage systemIn order to precede towards an efficient drainage system the first step one should take I to find out exactly where the water valve is. Never put hairs or grease particles into a sink basin as it may get blocked. Grease has the capacity to reduce the force of the water supply. As an adverse result clogging will definitely take place. Ensure that neither you nor any of your inmates put chemicals into the sink or any other place from which the water might get affected. This might result in severe health hazard. Heaters which get too heated causing injuries are harmful and must be avoided.

The temperature should be maintained at an optimum level. Drainage pipes are subjected to freezing during winters. Hence proper precaution must be taken to ensure good and efficient water system. Try to avoid lead pipes as it has been proved to be harmful after certain extend of use. Taking care of the water system means ensuring clean and clear water. A regular maintenance check up should be carried out.

Analyze and study your construction plan before hiring

Management plans for construction, construction tipsIf you have taken up a job of a construction project, you will need to consider a few things before going ahead with the work. Any kind of a construction will require a a certain considerable amount of money and will also involve a lot of hard work. Therefore, it is very important that you have a clear idea regarding what you want and how you want to go about it.

The first thing that you need to do is making up a clear image of the building in your mind and then put it down on paper. It is very important that you have the idea written down as it will help you find faults in your own conception. If the idea is clear and fail proof, it will be much easier for you to make your contractor understand what your view is regarding the building. Therefore, analysis and planning is very important for construction projects.

Estimator construction jobs for all

 Estimator construction jobs , construction jobsConstruction cost estimator jobs are generally services to the construction companies of large scale. The job is to provide the companies with a preview of the overall expense that has to be incurred by the company for the job of the construction. Therefore, the construction cost estimators should have a full and sound knowledge of engineering, construction and also the business that is associated with it. They must also have a certain knowledge regarding management.

Therefore, the construction cost estimators should have a knowledge regarding finance, manufacturing as well as engineering. One of the most important skills that marks a good construction cost estimator is the experience. Prediction of the cost is a very important part of the job and more the experience of the construction cost estimator, more accurate will be the prediction of the cost. Data analysis is one of the most important jobs of the construction cost estimators. The jobs are high on demand and the demand for construction cost estimators are on the rise as well.

New plans for construction bid project wok

Construction bidding, construction bid project wokConstruction bidding is one of one of the oldest and by far the most effective way in which large size construction or related projects are handed over to a particular organization. Which organization takes care of the completion of the project is dependent on those for whom the project is being made. Construction bid is placed by many construction companies which are interested to take up the project.

These construction companies submit their tenders, which are actually plans stating the material, labor, resources and other requirements of the project and the cost involved in the project. Once tender has been submitted by all those construction companies that are interested in the project, the project owner selects that company which has presented the most cost effective plan and handovers the project to that construction company. In order to attract the maximum number of tenders, many project owners release the construction requirements and data such that these data are readily available to all those who might be interested.