Tips on picking the right Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning SystemAre you planning a good air conditioning system for your home? It could be that you are replacing your existing or planning a new one for your new home-well whatever the reason is behind your current purchase you have to keep in mind certain considerations to assure a right buy. The article here is a short note on how to pick the right air conditioning system.

First of all, you must know that the choice of air conditioning system does not merely depend on the size of your room. In fact, you have to be careful here about the cooling needs of the room as per ACCA manual. You have to measure the walls, floors, ceilings, all windows as well as insulation in walls, attic & crawlspaces to understand the cooling needs. Some other parameters required to consider while picking an AC unit are outdoor and inside temperature, roof color, shading & number of people residing in home.

It’s advised that you select a high end make and model only. Don’t forget to study expert reviews on the chosen model before you proceed to buy. If the model has received poor ratings, it’s better you shift to another make and model. Make sure that you are investing on a high-efficiency cooling unit. The EER of your machine should be over 11.6.

Besides, you have to consider noise-level of your system. Count on a unit that ensures a quiet operation as otherwise you are going to get a disturbed sleep. Moreover, make sure that your chosen model comes with ENERGY STAR stem that further confirms energy efficiency. Then, the AC model you are taking should come up with filter-check indicator. This indicator would remind the user whenever there is a need for replacement of the existing filter. Finally, check out whether the model ensures maintenance ease or not.

Maintenance tips for your AC

maintenance of acHaving an AC in your home is the not the ultimate thing. To ensure proper functioning and performance of the AC, it is very much necessary to take proper care of your AC. Before you buy an AC, it is very important that you study a little about the maintenance and proper care of the AC. There are various ACs available in the market. You should do a well research about which type of AC needs the least maintenance or maintenance of which easier than others. It is also important that you take proper information about the after sales support of the company before you buy an AC. This is because cleaning an AC may seem to be a very simple work, but it actually needs a lot of precision. It is better always to get it done by the professionals who nothing goes wrong during the cleaning.

However there are certain things in AC maintenance that you can also do on your own. It is strongly recommended that if you use the AC for long hours give it a break for some time so that the compressor and other parts doesn’t get over loaded. Also clean the filter of the AC regularly to ensure that the air circulating in your home in pure and free from any sort of impurity. If you wondering that cleaning the filter is also difficult, then you must know that it is very easy.

You simple open the top cover of the unit and take out the filter. Then shed off the dust with a brush of place it under flowing water. Then allow it to dry for some time before you again fit it. You should ensure that you don’t run the AC without the filter. The compressor and the internal parts of the AC also require periodic cleaning and this is where you should contact the professionals to ensure that the maintenance is done properly.

When is it time to repair your AC?

AC repairing tips, AC maintenanceIf there is one thing that people find it difficult to live without in the summers, it would undoubtedly have to be the air conditioner. The device that can provide the effects of winter in summer has been an absolute must have in hot places and has thus helped many people live comfortably. But as is the case with all electronic devices, even the air conditioners have the tendency to malfunction and thus require repairing. But sometimes due to our lack of knowledge, we tend to leave the repair work till the very end which results in total damage and eventually replacing it.

The main component of the AC is the compressor. It is the compressor which helps in reducing the temperature and provides the cooling effect. If the cooling becomes erratic and moody, then it is the first sign that the AC needs repair. Also, if you possess an old fashioned AC, it is always good to have the device serviced and repaired before the onset of summer so that it can provide proper cooling during the summer season.