Building a spiral staircase

Spiral staircase, stairsA spiral staircase is a beautiful addition to your home. If you are planning to make a staircase in your home, then you should have a clear plan. First of all find out the place where you want the staircase to be. You would need to place a concrete slab at the base of the stairs so be sure that wherever you place your staircase. After you’re done inspecting that, you need to look into other matters too like what material you’d like for your staircase, what kind of design you’d choose, what size the steps will be, etc.

The advantage of having a spiral staircase is that it saves space instead of spreading out over a large area. If you make the steps wide enough you can actually move up and down easily no matter what your age is. First you’d need to install the base pole. The height should be decided upon the number of floors you’re connecting. Then you’d have to put in the riders. If you’re uncertain about this ask for professional installment. You can also get ready made fixable spiral staircases which can be customized.