Pros And Cons Of Geodesic Dome Houses

benefits and drawbacks of Geodesic dome houses

Pros and cons of Geodesic dome houses

Houses can be built in almost any shape or size as you deem fit and it stops only when your imagination stops. However certain shapes are more conducive to you as compared with that of others. Many houses have original and unique designs. Majority of them will be sharing a particular similar characteristic and their faces will also be plane and rectangular. Planar building designs are used more but geodesic designs have become a major part of the popularity. There are plenty of benefits to the geodesic dome homes. These are nothing but just the houses constructed in the shape of the dome either totally or partially. Geodesic dome houses can stand with better level of high winds, earthquakes and hurricanes. The appearance of geodesic dome houses is unique and their construction methods are also very great. If you are thinking of having a geodesic dome house then you must be aware about its pros and cons for better understanding.


  • Structural integrity

A proper geodesic dome house is very strong. In places like Greenland where there are very high winds, installation of geodesic houses can avail you with significant advantages. These houses are also very much good for air circulation and heat and thus they are also perfect fit for cold weather.

  • Speedy construction

Majority of the geodesic dome houses are prefabricated. This can avail you with relatively low cost for construction that too in those places which re having high labor costing. It is also very beneficial if the local weather is making the construction problematic. Generally the prefab elements are also light weighted and small. This will make the transportation of the materials really easy to the site which is not the case with steel prefab materials and concrete prefab materials.

  • Lesser expensive construction materials

The units of geodesic dome houses are small, very cheaper are used in there which lowers up its total costing. Geodesic dome houses is built from various layers like interior panels, stucco, outer shell, outer skin and such others and hence it is possible to employ cheaper materials which are closely related from those combination from while geodesic dome houses are built.


  • Primary disadvantage

The basic cons of such types of roof are that they need planning permission in most of the cases. Getting this planning permission is very much difficult. Many people have an opinion that geodesic dome houses are very weird and they don’t fit with the vernacular and usually object to their construction.

  • Secondary disadvantage

If such homes are not properly designed or build then chances are there that they leak very badly. In such cases the craftsmen don’t generally have idea as to what they are building because of the prefabricated elements.