How To Organize Your Closet

Closet organisingOrganizing your closet can be a boring task for many people while some of them find it really interesting. But believe me; organizing your closet is really a good thing. While organizing your closet, you might find some your stuff which is missing since a long time or you come across some old photograph and you are drawn back into memories. Hence, organizing your closet is an exciting job to do. Organizing your closet also gives you satisfaction and happiness as you donate that stuff which is not needed and this thing gives you real happiness. If you are organizing your closet, you must do it the right way. Here are some of the tips as to how to organize your closet.

  • Take all your stuff out

The starting point of organizing your closet is to take all your stuff out of your closet. You can use your bed to put your stuff. Taking all your stuff will enable you to have a fair idea as to how much space you have in your closet.

  • Clean your closet

After you take all your things out of your closet, you should clean your closet. When you keep your stuff for a longer period of time in your closet, it definitely has some dirt or dust inside it. So take a damp cloth and clean each and every side and corner of your closet also clean the drawers.

  • Sort out the stuff

After cleaning your closet, you must have a look at the stuff you have taken out. It might look too much to you seeing all your stuff out of your closet and that in unorganized way. But don’t panic seeing all this. Differentiate your stuff; keep clothes on one side, accessories on one side, shoes on one side, scarfs on side and other different things on one side. While doing so you might also come across things which don’t belong to this closet. Put those things out of your closet and shift it to some other place.

  • Donate unused things

While you are organizing your closet, you might come across some stuff which is no more in use and still it occupies space in your closet and creates mess. Thus pick all such stuff out of your closet and donate them. By doing so you can get extra space in your closet and you can organize your stuff more comfortably.

  • Organize stuff back in closet

Once you are done with donating unused things, you are left with useful things to be fit in your closet. You have already soughted your stuff. Start with placing your clothes. Put your accessories in drawers so that it doesn’t get tangled with other stuff. Place your scarfs in the hanger so that it will not cover space in closet. Allot one shelf for your shoes. If one shelf is not enough for shoes then you should pack some of them in boxes in place it outside your closet.