Dangers Due to Leaky Roofs

Leaky roofYou might be tangled in many of the important work and issues. But you must have an idea which works are to be prioritized. Talking about home related issues, you may be facing so many issues, repairs and maintenance problems. But if your roof is having any damage or leak then leaving all the work aside, put up your focus on the roof repair and its maintenance. There can be many reasons as to leak damage like damage due to wind or storm, improper roof installation, low maintenance and many more. But once found any issue, you must quickly resolve and put your roof back to normal. Negligence can lead to cost for your safety and heavy expenditure. At initial stage it can be recovered quickly with low expense but with the lapse of time the level of damage increases along with increase in cost. Here are some of the dangers which are seen due to leaky roofs.

  • Attic and ceiling damage

The first and foremost part of your house which faces trouble due to leaky roofs is your attic. The things stored there get damaged when your roof starts leaking. If your house does not have any attic, then it directly damages your ceiling. If the size of the leak is very large, it will leave a patch on your wall. The paint and plaster also gets deteriorated and then it gradually reaches to the wall nearby the ceiling and wall will also get deteriorated. These roofs also lead to destroy your ceiling fans and lights.

  • Mold and Mildew

One of the most serious problems emerging out from the leaky roofs is nothing but mold and mildew. It is such a serious problem that could not be got rid of easily and is also much costly. It’s like a communicable disease, it spreads in each and every commodity of your house starting from your HVAC systems to even your furniture, from the carpets to the clothing. It spreads through the vents. Molds also have types. The most common of which is black mold which evolves from the chronic water intrusion. The rarest of these molds is toxic black mold. Non toxic mold gets on to damage your floor covering, wood framing, ceiling tiles and walls.

  • Health problems

You might be shocked to know but it’s the hardcore reality that mold can lead to serious health issues. Mold affects persons with nasal congestion, inflammations, rhinitis and asthma very quickly. Mold spores cause critical health problems leading to asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions and many of other issues.

  • Fire hazard

It could be too dangerous if your attic or ceiling contains electric wiring. Water damages the wiring. Leaky roofs can lead to fire through shorted wires. Due to these leaks your whole home can be put on fire. So it’s advisable to turn off the electricity to the affected area to stay away from fire troubles. Get an electrician to examine the area and then only turn on the electricity keeping in mind your safety.