Steps of Carrying on Roof Inspection

roof inspectionProper roof maintenance is very important for the home owners to comply with because roof protect the interiors of the home from rainfall and it is fire resistant, etc so proper and adequate care is to be taken of the roof. For getting complied with this procedure accurate steps must be taken for the inspection of roof which will increase the life as well as the durability of the roof which is installed in your home. There are many options through which you can maintain your roof like by applying roof coatings in your roof, repairing the leaked areas in the roof, the damaged shingles and tiles in the roof, etc. Appropriate season must be seen before complying with the work of roof inspection because if the inspection is carried on in the season of rain than it can create and obstruct the work of proper inspection. The steps of carrying on the proper roof inspection are as under which will help you to ascertain the suitable steps for the roof inspection in your home.


  • Firstly it is advisable to remove the unwanted objects from the roof like the bad debris which has accumulated on the top surface of the roof must be removed gently from the roof which does not damage the roof shingles or the tiles placed on the roof.
  • Secondly the home owner should verify and check the drainage system and its functioning because while cleaning the dirt from the roof top there is possibility of the roof drainage system gets jammed and this will build up other issues of improper drainage which will affect the home interiors and the home too. To check whether the drainage system is functioning well the home should pour water in the drainage pipes and verify it’s functioning.
  • The gutter arena in the roof which will let the roof debris more clear should be checked properly because cleaned gutter will let the rain water or the accumulated water to flow easily from the roof and this will not affect the roof from getting damaged.
  • Roof coating is another important thing which the home owners must comply with on the regular basis on the roof. Roof coating helps the roof to sustain and to be more durable in nature which will be beneficial to the home owners for long period of time. While inspecting the roof, the roof coating must be certainly verified for better roofing aspects by the home owners.
  • The home owners should also see to the defects in the roof like roof leaks, holes in the roof, damaged and toned shingles and tiles in the roof, etc and should remove and replace it immediately so that it does not damage the roof wholly and by replacing the damage shingles with the new one will increase its life and more durable period to be sustained.
  • The joints in the roof must be carefully inspected by the home owners or the person who is inspecting the roof because most of the common roof damages are noticed near the joints on the roof in the tiles or the roof shingles placed.