Tips For Repairing Concrete Work

Repairing Concrete WorkConcrete is one material which may look weak because of its tension but it is actually strong because of its compression. Due to this feature it is able to tolerate great forces and loads. Since the tensile strength of concrete is less they are mainly used with other materials in construction such as slabs or beams. However when damages occur to concrete there are several ways how you can repair it. The damage could be due to water leakage, honey combs or bending. Concrete work should always be repaired when the weather is dry. This not only keeps the concrete dry when it is repaired but also adds strength. It is always better to consult a professional when you notice any crack or damage on the concrete. The expert would be able to assess the extent of the damage and the repair work would be done accordingly.

Repairing concrete work needs planning. You will first have to ensure about the budget and then the materials but the first thing would be to get a permit. The chippings, sand and cement should be of good quality. If the damage is done due to honey combs then the air gaps have to be filled first. A combination of the mentioned materials in the perfect ratio should be applied first and then leveled. The chippings would take care of those holes. After this you can apply cement and sand to give another coating which would do the work. If there are any cracks then first you must give a light coating of sand and cement first after which all the other materials should be mixed and applied. Since the chippings may not fit in the small cracks that is why sand and cement is used first to fill the gap. The chippings would make the area hard and it would be difficult to crack later.