Laminated log: how to use them

Laminated log, construction materialsAre you planning to build a log home? Well, log homes are a lot of fun and it will really be great. When you build a log home, you obviously want it to be stable and strong, and this is precisely why using laminated logs is a very good idea. These logs are resistant to warping, twisting and splitting and are really a good choice for log homes. They also home very well for the interior and exterior sidings of the log homes.

Since laminated logs do not crack or shrink during the process of natural setting, you can use them easily. Yes, laminated logs do cost a bit more than cedar lumber and pine lumber but they will ensure that you do not spend money later for maintaining and restoring the logs. Moreover, because laminated logs are consistent and straight, it will hold the log home together make it much sturdier.

Planning a baby nursery

baby nursery, kids roomThe first thing that you have to consider when you are making the baby nursery, you have to make your research well. It is very important that proper homework is done. Apart from that, you have to decorate the place in the best way possible for this is going to be the first environment of the baby.

The best way to make your research is to do a lot of window shopping before you go out buying the stuff with which you are going to decorate the nursery. The color scheme is very important. You can go with a blue theme if it is for a boy, pink for a girl and if you want to keep it gender neutral, you could go for yellow. You can also use wall murals for making the room come alive with a theme of your choice. Glow in the dark stickers’ on the ceiling walls is a good idea as well.

Building a spiral staircase

Spiral staircase, stairsA spiral staircase is a beautiful addition to your home. If you are planning to make a staircase in your home, then you should have a clear plan. First of all find out the place where you want the staircase to be. You would need to place a concrete slab at the base of the stairs so be sure that wherever you place your staircase. After you’re done inspecting that, you need to look into other matters too like what material you’d like for your staircase, what kind of design you’d choose, what size the steps will be, etc.

The advantage of having a spiral staircase is that it saves space instead of spreading out over a large area. If you make the steps wide enough you can actually move up and down easily no matter what your age is. First you’d need to install the base pole. The height should be decided upon the number of floors you’re connecting. Then you’d have to put in the riders. If you’re uncertain about this ask for professional installment. You can also get ready made fixable spiral staircases which can be customized.

Tips to frame a roof

Tips to frame a roof, roofingIf you want our home to be beautiful and classy looking, you should pay attention to the roof of your home as well. When it comes to look after the framing or framework of the roof, there are some factors which you should keep in mind. If you have a contemporary home, then your roof must be having pre-fabricated trusses. This is a better option as they can be set up faster as compared to hand made frames. When you go for the pre-fabricated trusses, make sure that the measurements are right.

Mark the cap plates to understand the framework placement in an organized manner. Mostly people choose the ones which are approximately 20 to 24 inches large at the centre. When you secure the truss, make sure that the gable ends are positioned correctly. Be careful while finally lifting and placing the trusses. Don’t compromise on the labor. Hire more than 3 people for this lifting and placement job.

How to build a backyard fort

 backyard fort , backyardMany people like building things with their friends and family members during their spare time. You can take your kids along and go build yourself a fort in your backyard. It’s a great way to keep your kids busy during their summer holidays and you too can get some relief from your work. Find a good spot and decide upon the size of the fort 5 by 5 feet is a good enough size for a backyard fort.

Place the base plywood of the right size first. Then take the wooden pillars and screw them in tightly with the base. Attach the walls after that. You can choose simple brown rustic colored wooden walls or even painted wooden walls in bright colors. Choose whichever appeals to your kids the most. Now that you’re done, make the hinges for the fort doors. All this work can be completed in 2 to 3 days. Make sure that there are no rough edges and splinters. Rub the surfaces with sandpaper to be sure.