Pros And Cons Of Geodesic Dome Houses

benefits and drawbacks of Geodesic dome houses

Pros and cons of Geodesic dome houses

Houses can be built in almost any shape or size as you deem fit and it stops only when your imagination stops. However certain shapes are more conducive to you as compared with that of others. Many houses have original and unique designs. Majority of them will be sharing a particular similar characteristic and their faces will also be plane and rectangular. Planar building designs are used more but geodesic designs have become a major part of the popularity. There are plenty of benefits to the geodesic dome homes. These are nothing but just the houses constructed in the shape of the dome either totally or partially. Geodesic dome houses can stand with better level of high winds, earthquakes and hurricanes. The appearance of geodesic dome houses is unique and their construction methods are also very great. If you are thinking of having a geodesic dome house then you must be aware about its pros and cons for better understanding.


  • Structural integrity

A proper geodesic dome house is very strong. In places like Greenland where there are very high winds, installation of geodesic houses can avail you with significant advantages. These houses are also very much good for air circulation and heat and thus they are also perfect fit for cold weather.

  • Speedy construction

Majority of the geodesic dome houses are prefabricated. This can avail you with relatively low cost for construction that too in those places which re having high labor costing. It is also very beneficial if the local weather is making the construction problematic. Generally the prefab elements are also light weighted and small. This will make the transportation of the materials really easy to the site which is not the case with steel prefab materials and concrete prefab materials.

  • Lesser expensive construction materials

The units of geodesic dome houses are small, very cheaper are used in there which lowers up its total costing. Geodesic dome houses is built from various layers like interior panels, stucco, outer shell, outer skin and such others and hence it is possible to employ cheaper materials which are closely related from those combination from while geodesic dome houses are built.


  • Primary disadvantage

The basic cons of such types of roof are that they need planning permission in most of the cases. Getting this planning permission is very much difficult. Many people have an opinion that geodesic dome houses are very weird and they don’t fit with the vernacular and usually object to their construction.

  • Secondary disadvantage

If such homes are not properly designed or build then chances are there that they leak very badly. In such cases the craftsmen don’t generally have idea as to what they are building because of the prefabricated elements.

Green Home Improvement Remodeling Advantages

Green Home improvement tips

Green Home construction

Green home improvement is one of the hot topic, mostly discussed by people this days. In real estate markets, the importance of green homes is increasing and you are now available with the option of constructed green homes readily.  Well, it is very simple and easy for knowing the benefits of green home improvement because it offers with many advantages like fresh breath, eco-friendly surroundings and healthy living. It makes you recognize the difference between your basic needs and actual needs. There is nothing to worry about because there are many technologies that have increased their pace for utilizing the benefits of green home improvement at your home. If you are planning of going for remodeling or changing up your home then it is advisable of accepting or implementing green home improvement concept. It is among the best suitable ideas because it doesn’t harm the environment surrounding you.

Following the below stated benefits offers the home owners the idea about why to have green home improvement remodeling process at your home.

Green home improvement benefits:

  • Thinking of not spending much out of your pocket or saved investment, Green home improvement remodeling project is best suitable jam to apply at your home. The project involves less of cost factor because it is only focused on increasing the beauty of your home.
  • But the fact also states that remodeling the whole of the home involves more cost and expenditure factors. You should be prepared for the things that you haven’t thought of. Uncertainties are some of the factors that might affect the process of green home improvement project.
  • For avoiding this situation, adopting such type of remodeling idea that helps in decreasing the cost factor and at the end publishes with better quality of remodeling process. Green home improvement is one of the best options to experience by the home owners.
  • Planning out green technology for your home don’t sound much interesting in the first stage but trust me it ids one of the best factor that helps in I creasing the value of your home. It is said to beneficial for the home owners because it is a long term investment for the home owners.
  • Another benefit which can help you in taking the decision of getting the green home improvement remodeling at your home is the good quality of health which you can get by installing this remodeling idea at your home.
  • As the normal products or materials which you will use up in your home are at some point of time being harmful but those green products which you are going to use in the means of remodeling your home will be better for your health.
  • In simpler words, green home improvement remodeling process is one of the ways of increasing the health of your home. For a healthy living, better standards and eco-friendly home construction idea, green home improvement is best suitable idea for your home.


Tips on Saving Money on Home Construction

Animated Home Construction model

Miniature model of Home Construction

Whether you are performing a home remodeling process or, starting from the scratch of home construction it is advisable of saving money. It sounds well if you are able to cut off or break down your expense list and saving your money on home construction. Home construction is a tough project that includes many criteria such as expenditure, budget, proper planning and ultimate execution of your dream construction. There are many ways that can lead you in performing best method of saving your money on home construction. You can save your money on home construction, brick by brick in a surprising and different ways.

Save money on home construction:

  • Do-It-Yourself, unless you can’t. Whether you are a die-hear Do-It-Yourselfer or juts a common home owner who knows to paint. Picking up one of the common Tips that helps you in saving money on your home construction is worth.
  • Hiring a contractor is not a wrong decision, rather it is beneficial for the home owners but you will be charged more for his or her work. Instead, option for DIY home construction will help you in saving on your money and expenditures.
  • They charge you on an hour rate say for approximately 18$ but doing it by yourself will help you in deciding the things suitable and acceptable for your home construction. Try it out by yourself for knowing that you are capable enough for conducting your home construction project on yourself.
  • When it comes for selecting materials, it is advisable of to put your option first. Using recycled things for your home is a good option for saving on your home construction project. Even while working with the home contractors, it is not a compulsion of using those sources of materials that are offered by the professional.
  • Finding and owning the sources of materials by your own is also helpful in saving money on home construction project. When it comes for selecting items for your home construction like, furniture and fixtures, door knobs, cabinets and even faucets are often find less expensive on your own rather than buying  it through  the contractors.
  • Never end up and decide on the first estimate you opted for. It is always advisable of researching well and buys for your materials of home construction. Taking the advice of the home contractors will lead you way of home construction in a clear manner.
  • Home construction project not only include the construction of home, using wood and installing the roof but it also estimated the monthly usage o0f energy and consumption. Saving energy consumption will result in saving your money.
  • Consuming less energy every month will help you in reducing the amount of energy consumption and it will result in saving your money on home construction project. Going green is not only beneficial for the home owners but is also helpful for the surrounding environment. Efficiency always steps beyond the construction. Installing solar panels and using renewable resources is among the best option to exercise the serous plan of saving money on home renovation.

Top 4 Tips To Organize Your Garage

Organize your garage with proper tips

Ways to organize your garage

Garage is usually that place of the home which is neglected the most. No one pays much attention towards garage. This is the reason why garage is the messiest space of your home. But if you organize your garage in a proper manner then you can make your garage a way more useful and accurate space. Organizing your garage is a big project and also a tiring one. As garage is a big space filled with lots and lots of stuff which you never use and thus it makes more difficult for you to organize your garage. Here are some of the tips to organize your garage.

  • Have a ceiling storage system

Having a ceiling storage system is one of the best ways to organize your garage. By installing a ceiling storage system, you would be able to get more floor space to park your car. You will be able to organize your garage in better manner if all your things are placed on your ceiling. It will avail you with more space and you will be getting more space to fit in your more stuff and also avail more space in your home also.

  • Store garden tools smartly on the walls

It is a one of the smartest ways to organize your garage. When you have garden tools and such other supplies then you must use your mind and store such things on the walls this will also allow you to have more space on the floor and you will to able to manage more things in less space. You can also install pegboard system in your garage and organize your garage in more efficient manner with this pegboard system.

  • Make your garage more than just storing stuff

If you have a huge garage and you are also availed with an extra space to park your car then by making it just garage and filling it with extra stuff is wastage of place. Thus you must think and organize your garage in such a way that it can also be used for different purpose. You can convert your garage into an extra bedroom or guest room. You can organize your garage more efficiently and convert it into home office. If you already have office then you can organize your garage in such a manner and make it a home gym.

  • Organize your garage into different zones

When you are using your garage for multiple purposes then it might be confusing as which thing is where and it might be also difficult to park your car in a space filled with too many things. Thus here is an easy solution. While organizing your garage, you must divide your garage into various sections. Organizing your garage in such a manner will avail you with ease in parking your car and also in finding different things whenever needed. You can also label the sections with the type of things they are having. By doing so you will not have to remember which you have kept which thing of yours.



3 Inspirational Living Room Ideas for your Home

Inspirational Living Room Ideas for your HomeWant some of inspirational living room ideas for your home? Then let me tell you that you are going to love all the ideas and tricks which you can definitely go for trying up at your home. as we all know that the most comfortable and the most desired room which we want in our home to be perfect is our living room right? And for this you need to go through certain ideas which can help you in getting the inspirational living room ideas for your home which you can go for. Well, there are many inspirational living room ideas for your home which you can go for which can also helps you in making your living room to be more of charming and factors which charms up the people the guests who are vesting your home.

The further detail or the ideas will help you in getting inspired for the inspirational living room ideas for your home which you must go for attempting at your home. Adjusting the space, installing the beauty which you have decided, presenting your art in selecting the inspirational living room ideas for your home, etc. and many more of such things which can help you in making your wish come true by installing the inspirational living room ideas for your home. not only that but the job which you are going to comply with is also considered to be something interesting which the home owners are definitely going to enjoy up.

Inspirational living room ideas for your home

  1. Patterned design

If you want your living room to be decorative and designed in your manner, than patterned design is considered to be your jam which you can go for while deciding inspirational living room ideas for your home. go for patterning with the help of floral, geometrical, strips, etc. prints with the combination of colors which will suitable in your home. Getting and placing the themes with different shades and colors are considered to be something unique which you must go for your living room at your home.

  1. Light colored idea

Well, for those of the home owners who do not like of going for bright colors can now go for getting one of the best inspirational living room ideas for your home is by getting the light and airy design or theme to be installed in your home. Go for such furniture which is not only light in colors but giving more of the space in your living room which can help you in getting the airy look in your living space which you want to go for.

  1. Floral power

Another inspirational living room idea for your home which you can go for trying up at your home is the floral power. Yes, floral theme is considered to be more of prevalent for the home owners. There are different patterns and designs with the blossomy prints which can help your living room to be having the live charm.  It can be also said as the blooming ideas for your living room. So going for such type of inspirational living room ideas for your home will get you connected with the art which you wanted to have it.

Tips of Saving Money on Plumbing

Tips of Saving Money on PlumbingCleaning is considered to be important factor which the home owners must take in to account when the spring is being set. This season is considered to be helpful for the home owners because in this season they can easily comply with the interiors or the exteriors of the home in a better manner. If you are thinking of cleaning your home than why not to startup from your plumbing system which is being installed in your home? Don’t worry there are many tips which can help you in saving money on plumbing in your home. And now days it is considered to be one of the important factors which the home owners are required to comply with in their home about saving money on plumbing at your home.

Well, this article will help you in assisting about the tips of saving money on plumbing in your home which you ac n easily comply with. No doubt there are many things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for saving money on plumbing at your home like with the help of installing low flow shower, it will be helpful in getting less flow which will save up your money, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in the matters of saving money on plumbing at your home.

Tips of saving money on plumbing

  • The first thing which the home owners must go for at the time of saving money on plumbing is to install low flow shower heads which can help you in getting and using less amount of water which is considered to be in the benefits of the home owners. If your water bills are making your sacred than cutting down the water flow with the help of installing it will help you in saving money on plumbing at your home.
  • Another thing which the home owners can go for at the time of saving money on plumbing is to replace the old sink washers with the new ones. Many times we observe that because of the old washer sink and its faucets, the water starts dripping and this creates to a big scenario. Well, saving money on plumbing will help you in getting deal with all this things which is going to be faced in future.
  • Replace you old and damaged plumbing pipes with the new ones because we know that plumbing is considered to be one of the important part of our home which we must not neglect at any point of time. Because of its longer use, the plumbing pipes or the drainage pipes which are being installed in your home gets fatigue and this creates more of water wastage which you need to take in to account.
  • It is more advisable to go for replacing the old pipes with the new ones which will; help you in getting a perfect manner plumbing system in your home with the factor of saving money on plumbing will also get done.

How To Organize Your Closet

Closet organisingOrganizing your closet can be a boring task for many people while some of them find it really interesting. But believe me; organizing your closet is really a good thing. While organizing your closet, you might find some your stuff which is missing since a long time or you come across some old photograph and you are drawn back into memories. Hence, organizing your closet is an exciting job to do. Organizing your closet also gives you satisfaction and happiness as you donate that stuff which is not needed and this thing gives you real happiness. If you are organizing your closet, you must do it the right way. Here are some of the tips as to how to organize your closet.

  • Take all your stuff out

The starting point of organizing your closet is to take all your stuff out of your closet. You can use your bed to put your stuff. Taking all your stuff will enable you to have a fair idea as to how much space you have in your closet.

  • Clean your closet

After you take all your things out of your closet, you should clean your closet. When you keep your stuff for a longer period of time in your closet, it definitely has some dirt or dust inside it. So take a damp cloth and clean each and every side and corner of your closet also clean the drawers.

  • Sort out the stuff

After cleaning your closet, you must have a look at the stuff you have taken out. It might look too much to you seeing all your stuff out of your closet and that in unorganized way. But don’t panic seeing all this. Differentiate your stuff; keep clothes on one side, accessories on one side, shoes on one side, scarfs on side and other different things on one side. While doing so you might also come across things which don’t belong to this closet. Put those things out of your closet and shift it to some other place.

  • Donate unused things

While you are organizing your closet, you might come across some stuff which is no more in use and still it occupies space in your closet and creates mess. Thus pick all such stuff out of your closet and donate them. By doing so you can get extra space in your closet and you can organize your stuff more comfortably.

  • Organize stuff back in closet

Once you are done with donating unused things, you are left with useful things to be fit in your closet. You have already soughted your stuff. Start with placing your clothes. Put your accessories in drawers so that it doesn’t get tangled with other stuff. Place your scarfs in the hanger so that it will not cover space in closet. Allot one shelf for your shoes. If one shelf is not enough for shoes then you should pack some of them in boxes in place it outside your closet.

Roof Designs

roof designNature or climate is the biggest matter which is considered while constructing the roof design which you wish to be installed in your home. Different designs are build and structured according to the climate of the specified place because each and every place or region have their different climate which can affect the construction of your roof. The roofing contractors help the homeowners to decide and select which is the most sustainable and favorable design for their roofing. Availability of materials, workers, etc is the other important points which affect the roofing design. If we take the example than the in the snowy regions flat roof design will not work, there you need to install sloppy roof designs which can shade off the snow from the roof. There are many different designs which can be installed in the roof, keeping in mind the climate, environment, material availability, etc in mind. The different designs of roofs are as under.

Roof Designs:

  1. Flat Roof

This roofing design is well preferred for those regions which do not have the climate of snow. Because it have flat surface and low-pitched area. This roofing design gives the spacious living on the roof. There are less chances of water drainage and leakages as compared to other roofing designs.


  1. Skillion Roof

Skillion roof have a one side surface which helps the water to drain away fast and less possibilities of water drainage. This roofing design is more favorable for the snowy regions because it helps in evading and shade off the snow from the roof. There are many structures in skillion roofing which can be placed on your roof. This roofing design gives a beautiful look to your home construction.


  1. Clerestory Roof

This roofing design is something different in its construction because it is structured in such a way that I allows the natural sunlight to enter the home and gives the filtered light and is very efficient in energy generation. It gives the option of window in the vertical side of the roof which gives great ventilation area in the attic inside the home.


  1. Domed Roof

This is the most ancient design of roofing which can be proved as people still love this design to be installed in their roof. As it has circular shape this domed roofing can be given any form and constructed. Domed roof are treated as the most strong roofing design which can last for a long period of time. There are less probabilities of drainages and leakages because it does not consists of any edges or joints in the structure of dome shaped roofing.


  1. Curved Roof

Curved roof is one of the roofing designs which is more observed to be installed in the roofing of homes. It gives a stunning look to the home and it is also durable in nature. They are commonly made from steel or metal because it has curved shape so steel can be mold and curved according to the shape required.


  1. Sawtooth Roof

This design of roofing is used in industries in earlier times where large number of workers worked together. This design is very beneficial to the owners of the industries because in this design the structure of it very different, it allows the filtered natural light to enter the industrial area so that more of energy consumption does not takes place.    


Dangers Due to Leaky Roofs

Leaky roofYou might be tangled in many of the important work and issues. But you must have an idea which works are to be prioritized. Talking about home related issues, you may be facing so many issues, repairs and maintenance problems. But if your roof is having any damage or leak then leaving all the work aside, put up your focus on the roof repair and its maintenance. There can be many reasons as to leak damage like damage due to wind or storm, improper roof installation, low maintenance and many more. But once found any issue, you must quickly resolve and put your roof back to normal. Negligence can lead to cost for your safety and heavy expenditure. At initial stage it can be recovered quickly with low expense but with the lapse of time the level of damage increases along with increase in cost. Here are some of the dangers which are seen due to leaky roofs.

  • Attic and ceiling damage

The first and foremost part of your house which faces trouble due to leaky roofs is your attic. The things stored there get damaged when your roof starts leaking. If your house does not have any attic, then it directly damages your ceiling. If the size of the leak is very large, it will leave a patch on your wall. The paint and plaster also gets deteriorated and then it gradually reaches to the wall nearby the ceiling and wall will also get deteriorated. These roofs also lead to destroy your ceiling fans and lights.

  • Mold and Mildew

One of the most serious problems emerging out from the leaky roofs is nothing but mold and mildew. It is such a serious problem that could not be got rid of easily and is also much costly. It’s like a communicable disease, it spreads in each and every commodity of your house starting from your HVAC systems to even your furniture, from the carpets to the clothing. It spreads through the vents. Molds also have types. The most common of which is black mold which evolves from the chronic water intrusion. The rarest of these molds is toxic black mold. Non toxic mold gets on to damage your floor covering, wood framing, ceiling tiles and walls.

  • Health problems

You might be shocked to know but it’s the hardcore reality that mold can lead to serious health issues. Mold affects persons with nasal congestion, inflammations, rhinitis and asthma very quickly. Mold spores cause critical health problems leading to asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions and many of other issues.

  • Fire hazard

It could be too dangerous if your attic or ceiling contains electric wiring. Water damages the wiring. Leaky roofs can lead to fire through shorted wires. Due to these leaks your whole home can be put on fire. So it’s advisable to turn off the electricity to the affected area to stay away from fire troubles. Get an electrician to examine the area and then only turn on the electricity keeping in mind your safety.




Steps of Carrying on Roof Inspection

roof inspectionProper roof maintenance is very important for the home owners to comply with because roof protect the interiors of the home from rainfall and it is fire resistant, etc so proper and adequate care is to be taken of the roof. For getting complied with this procedure accurate steps must be taken for the inspection of roof which will increase the life as well as the durability of the roof which is installed in your home. There are many options through which you can maintain your roof like by applying roof coatings in your roof, repairing the leaked areas in the roof, the damaged shingles and tiles in the roof, etc. Appropriate season must be seen before complying with the work of roof inspection because if the inspection is carried on in the season of rain than it can create and obstruct the work of proper inspection. The steps of carrying on the proper roof inspection are as under which will help you to ascertain the suitable steps for the roof inspection in your home.


  • Firstly it is advisable to remove the unwanted objects from the roof like the bad debris which has accumulated on the top surface of the roof must be removed gently from the roof which does not damage the roof shingles or the tiles placed on the roof.
  • Secondly the home owner should verify and check the drainage system and its functioning because while cleaning the dirt from the roof top there is possibility of the roof drainage system gets jammed and this will build up other issues of improper drainage which will affect the home interiors and the home too. To check whether the drainage system is functioning well the home should pour water in the drainage pipes and verify it’s functioning.
  • The gutter arena in the roof which will let the roof debris more clear should be checked properly because cleaned gutter will let the rain water or the accumulated water to flow easily from the roof and this will not affect the roof from getting damaged.
  • Roof coating is another important thing which the home owners must comply with on the regular basis on the roof. Roof coating helps the roof to sustain and to be more durable in nature which will be beneficial to the home owners for long period of time. While inspecting the roof, the roof coating must be certainly verified for better roofing aspects by the home owners.
  • The home owners should also see to the defects in the roof like roof leaks, holes in the roof, damaged and toned shingles and tiles in the roof, etc and should remove and replace it immediately so that it does not damage the roof wholly and by replacing the damage shingles with the new one will increase its life and more durable period to be sustained.
  • The joints in the roof must be carefully inspected by the home owners or the person who is inspecting the roof because most of the common roof damages are noticed near the joints on the roof in the tiles or the roof shingles placed.